jbl e902
Filtro JBL e902
114,95 €

Filtro Fluval Fx6
299,95 €

Paulo Vieira Aquariums

Custom aquariums. Aquarium material low cost for fresh and salt water.
Aquarium and Lakes Maintenance, Assemblies, Projects and Free Budgets.

We are specialists in:
Saltwater: Fish, Soft Coral, Hard Coral, Anemones, Invertebrates & Live Rock.
Tropical Freshwater: Lake Tanganyika Cyclis; Lake Malawi Cyclists; American Cyclids & Loricaridae.
Planted Aquariums: Plants, Decoration (Trunks and Stones), Substrates & Fertilization.
Lakes: Plants, Decoration (Trunks and Stones), Substrates & Fertilization.
Terrariums: Plants, Decoration (Trunks and Rocks), Drinkers.

Our company provides technical information and advice in accordance with the latest methods of modern aquarium.

One of our main goals is to provide our customers with greater success and satisfaction for this passion we all share.

In our facilities you can find a huge variety of living beings traded with the design of the best quality / price.

We commercialize a wide variety of products, from the best products on the market, as well as products from more affordable ranges.

Main brands represented:
Eheim, Fluval, JBL, Tropical, Sera, Exo Terra, API, Aqua Nova


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