Eheim T5 plants 39w

Sales price 19,00 €

Dimensions: 849mm. Luminous flux: 2050 lumen. Color temperature: 4000k.

With extraordinary results, the concept of light of the EHEIM brand offers new directions. T5 fluorescent lamps with special matches optimize a brightness of maximum efficiency and flow guarantee. The spectrums of color and light energy promote the vigorous growth of plants. Its clarity and reproduction of natural color are fascinating. It has a low power consumption and a long lifespan.

Ø 16 mm Tube

Great use of the T5 technique

Optimized luminous fluxes for maximum efficiency

Better utilization of Lumens by watts

Perfectly adapted spectrum, combined light colors

Clear light, high brightness

Natural and authentic reproduction of colors

Low power consumption

Great durability (average lifespan of 20,000 hours)

Blue and red spectrum with wavelengths optimized for photosynthesis.

New Fluorescent materials

Accentuates the blue and red colors of fish

Ideal for optimal growth of demanding plants.

It must be combined with daylight lamps.

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