Eheim reeflex uv 350

99,00 €
Price 89,00 €

EHEIM ReeflexUV reduces microorganisms in the water and eliminates turbidity more efficiently than ever before.
ReeflexUV is another typical innovation of EHEIM: due to an internal reflector the UV-C radiation is significantly increased by killing the microorganisms, in conventional UV sterilizers The water is directed through deviations inside the steriliser, in the EHEIM ReeflexUV the water takes the direct route. There is no loss of performance, you need less energy and the level of efficacy is 1.8 times higher.
ReeflexUV should only be used in conjunction with the filter so as to reduce small organisms (micro-organisms, algae spores, etc.) in the aquarium.
There are three models available for aquariums of 80 up to 800 liters.
Benefits of EHEIM ReeflexUV
Rapid and effective reduction of micro-organisms in water
Eliminates turbidity caused by bacteria or algae
Internally equipped with high-gloss aluminum reflector reflects UV-C light and ensures more efficient sterilization
Excellent results with low power consumption (1.8 times more effective than conventional UV sterilizers)
Without loss of performance using a special design, the water is not redirected
It is also ideal for creation, as it reduces the risk of infection
Purifying, bacteria are retained safely in the filter, only floating organisms are caught
Simple maintenance and safe cleaning
Auto-off: Switches off automatically for lamp change
Easy to place using the included fixation

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