Filtro eheim biopower 200

Sales price 46,00 €

The new internal filter EHEIM Biopower multiple filtering as an external filter. Modular filter with closed basket filter filled with EHEIM SUBSTRATpro and an inlet filter equipped with an original EHEIM filter foam cartridge. In a single operation, BioEHEIM 160 guarantees the mechanical-biological cleaning of the aquarium's water with constant circulation, the specific surface movement and controllable flow. Thanks to the pump head that rotates in three dimensions, it is possible to adjust the output direction. The output regulator determines the desired flow and the enrichment of the air can be regulated through the diffuser tube or nozzle. In filter containers, foam cartridge for mechanical cleaning and EHEIM SUBSTRATpro for biologically efficient water purification.

Price--> €46


Model 200 Aquarium 100-200 L
Flow rate 210-650 L/h consumption 6 W dimensions 27 x 9.6 cm Power 230 V/50 Hz

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