Filtro Fluval 207

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Model 207 Aquarium 60-220 L Pump Performance 780 L/h vertical pre-filter 803 cm2 Baskets Volume 1.8 L Total Camera Volume 3.1 L Filter Volume 5.3 L Filter Dimensions 19 x 18 x 42 cm Filter Circulation * * 460 L/h maximum height column A Gua 1.45 m Power 10 W

The new series 07 marks the seventh incarnation in almost 4 decades of Fluval's family of external filters, the most sold in the world. The latest generation not only incorporates the power and reliability you expect from the leader in water filtration, but also introduces several new performance enhancements that make it up to 25% quieter and more robust, more energy efficient, more flexible and more Easy to use than ever before.

New E-Tec technology: Silent, efficient and powerful
Etec (Efficient technology) is the heart of series 07. It is a synergistic process in which innovative design, cutting-edge materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes unite to deliver powerful pump performance, lower power consumption and ultra quiet operation.

Precision Pump Italiananovo fluval Filter Series 07

The copper coiled precision coil, the magnet and the rotor blades, the hardened alumina rubber shaft support the ceramic shaft and the high polymer rotor cap for bending and molding, which results in an operation for 1 25% quieter.

Rubber foot Stabilizers

Redesigned and substantially larger
offers a more solid foundation
Increased vibration dampening capacity
Provides more filter protection
New and powerful filter series 07

Fast Maintenance fluval Serie 07

Aquastop Valve

• New ergonomic design and high edge for more comfortable use

• Extensive Design of plastic reinforcements

• 2 times stronger than previous generation

Series Improvements 07motor Head lock movements
• Two handles that lock with a single action to quickly open and close (half the handles of the most competitive filters)

• New fibre reinforced material

Quick Primer External Filter
• Redesigned-requires less pumped for start-up

• New fiber-reinforced priming handle is 7 times stronger

• Improved grip for quick and effortless starts

• Better performance, less effort (can be used with 2 fingers)

Baskets for filter materials with filter fins that are easily removed
• The new central handle allows the main stack of 1-finger baskets to be removed for quick access to filter materials

• No need to drain the water filter to remove the baskets-less mess

• Filter baskets are subdivided into more customizable filtering options

Up to 30% more filtration surface maximum filtering capacity
The 07 series uses every cubic centimeter of available volume and arranges the filter materials appropriately to maximize efficiency in a small space.


• Fluval is the only brand that offers the pre-filter in a vertical orientation, which gives more surface area and better mechanical filtration

• Independent cartridge with 4 cameras for quick and convenient access

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