Filtro Fluval Fx4

Sales price 185,00 €

-Multi-stage filtration with 2650L/h flow

-SmartPump aided by a micro chip that monitors and optimizes the performance of the filter

-SelfStarting: Just add water, connect it to the current and the SmartPump system will do everything for you. Any air bubble that is accumulated in the filter will be expelled from 12 in 12h

-Simple water changes without having to load containers into the water, simply connect the hose to the outlet dedicated to the effect in the filter and the SmartPump will take care of the rest

-Capacity for 3.9 l of filtering materials

-All filtering materials are included: mechanical, chemical and biological filtration

-AquaStop System

-valves positioned at an angle of 45 º, convenient for easy installation and rotation

-Anti-obstruction system that ensures a continuous flow of water

-Multi directional outputs that can be fully tuned to create custom water streams

-Service valve with drainage hose to facilitate the maintenance and washing of the cup

-Rubber feet that guarantee a silent filter

-41.9 cm high

-Made in Italy

-use in fresh and salt water

-24mm Hoses

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